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Religious Organizations in Community Services: A Social Work Perspective
The purposes of this book are to review the historical role of religious/faith organization in providing social services to those in need, to propose that religious/faith organization can assume this responsibility again in the 21st century, to explain how the Korean Church has successfully provided social services to its congregations, and to provide a model for religious organizations to use to develop community action programs... All'interno

Aging Education: Teaching and Practice Strategies
Aging Education: Teaching and Practice Strategies is a text that attempts to meet the challenges of providing a teaching tool for the adult educator who teachers and trains students and care providers of the aging population in all the various instructional programs (gerontology/geriatrics degrees) and non-credit workshops currently offered in different settings (hospitals, nursing homes, professional associations, in-service training, etc.). Instruction is the best means for bringing... All'interno

Aging in the New Millennium: A Global View
In geronotological research new data evolve continuously. Gerontology is an exciting field because we are all neophytes who are learning how to age. This book presents concise information on the processes of aging and the impact of social and economic trends on the aging individual... All'interno

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